REAL TRAINING started as a project to educate combat athletes in how to train specifically and efficiently for their respective sports. We soon realized that the training protocols we utilized weren’t limited to this demographic, and have since applied our methods to individuals in different sports, and individuals aiming to improve their general fitness with great success.

Our training system is based on the philosophy of ‘Athletics, Not Aesthetics’; that training to improve performance is the primary goal and any aesthetic development is a secondary bonus. We have always focused on work ethic, not exercise complexity. We believe that simple is sometimes the most effective, and maximal voluntary effort is the missing ingredient for results.

REAL TRAINING is here to bring back the athletic qualities humans are supposed to have: speed, power, strength, mobility and endurance.


Unlike most gyms whose foundation lies on a bank cheque and a sophisticated gym, our origin was a lot more humble. We started in a beaten up shed that was missing pieces in the wall, had uneven floor and could barely fit a car. Anyone willing to work hard was welcome, and payments were used for new equipment. After three years in ‘The Shed’ we had over fifty members ranging from individuals who worked corporate jobs, to athletes who were professional fighters.

Our momentum led us to opening a full-time training facility in Alexandria. We have been focused on maintaining what made REAL TRAINING unique; making our training philosophy heard, keeping our community close, positive and focused on results.